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Gordon Brown's Gillian Duffy Gaff - Body Language PDF Print E-mail
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28th April 2010 - Time: 15:03

Gordon Brown today has made a major gaff not just from his comments but also if you look at the news footage when he is answering Gillian Duffy's question even before calling her  "A bigotted woman", he was using a wagging finger up and down symbolically beating down her questions and arguments, which he then he changed to a clenched fist with his thumb over the top again showing dominance and force.

Later he appeared on the BBC radio with Jeremy Vine who confronted him and played it back while the PM was made him listen in full view of the studio camera, whilst listening his body and shoulders were slumped, his left hand covering his eyes, breathing heavily and then using a very low tone of voice, a completely crumpled man at this point.

After the media interest he then went to Gillian Duffy's home to apologies in person and appeared on her doorstep all smiles, which did look genuine for the most part, a relieved man that he managed to placate her somewhat and hopefully quosh the immense media circus surrounding him right now.