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"I've lost 21lb so far! Only 7 to go now, its has been my best experience of losing weight."



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Yes, it's finally here, well very nearly!

Launching January 2012 but available on Pre Order through Amazon CLICK HERE

"Woe betide a lying guest on my show when 'Phippsy' confronted them! While they were spending their time and energy,
talking ten-to-the-dozen, jabbering on about how innocent they were, Phippsy just watched....their eyes, the way a foot was jiggling up and down, their hand movements. Because those people knew they'd been found out once The Body Language Guy stood up.

They learned the hard way that it's not just what comes out of your mouth that communicates, it's all those little things you do while talking, that scream even louder!

I've learned so much from him over the years.

So, if you want to know why people don't take you seriously, how to tell if someone's lying or just how to improve the way you interact
and communicate with others....start reading! After all, Phippsy is definitely one of the best Body Language experts around....."

Trisha Goddard - Trisha Goddard Show

"Having worked in the fields of Human Psychology, NLP & Hypnotherapy for the past 21 years I can honestly say that Robert Phipps work on body language is a must have book for anyone who communicates with people on a regular basis, whether that be in a personal or business situation! In otherwords every human being who wants to get the best out of every situation in life should read this book. Entertaining, Enlightening and Highly Educational, I would unreservedly recommend this unique publication as the Secrets and Techniques
it contains are truly powerful and worth many times the small cover price."

Dr. Jonathan Royle - Renowned Hypnosis Trainer

"Robert's understanding of his subject is deep and thorough - he knows what he's writing about. Plus, he can communicate that knowledge, so that every reader can put it into practice and have it make an immediate difference to everyday life. Clear, helpful, packed full of facts, insights and interactive exercises, this is the book you need if you want to master body language."

Susan Quilliam - Psychologist and Agony Aunt

"Recognising what you - and others - are doing with body language turns 'instinct' into powerful knowledge. In this book Robert Phipps can help us all, at work and play, use body language to our advantage. Even learning one thing, such as looking above the bridge of someone's nose, could make a difference. read and see how."

Gill Cox - Agony aunt