The first secret about body language is that much of it is about getting sex 

-- or defending against it. In the ancient past, the most important biological purpose in 

life was to find a mate to help pass on the parent's genes in offspring. Most humans and 

animals have a powerful drive to find a mate for sex because it feels super-fantastic! 

Unconscious body language often reveals a person hunting for a mate and sex. Background 

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Here is one example of a man's posture emphasizing his sexuality. When casually standing 

like this, he will usually directly face the woman who appeals to him. Notice that the 

fingers all point to "you-know-what-is-important" to this guy: Sex! Of course, guys claim 

that this is just a comfortable way to stand. 
Yah, sure it is -- NOT! 

Here at the right is one way women call attention to their sexuality with their body 

language. It is quite obvious that this woman is unconsciously advertising to the world 

that she is a healthy woman. This woman's body language could not be more clear and simple! 

She is unconsciously saying, "My womb is empty and available." This is very deep, old brain 

limbic system-driven body language programmed by the DNA from our ancient ancestors. This 

ancient part of the brain functions in very basic ways, driving us to find a mate. This 

drive is handled differently in men and women. Background Discover More . . . 

Nearly every sperm-producing animal and human male must expend much time and effort in 

convincing the female to accept him and his sperm. This has forced most males, both animals 

and humans, to initiate a process called "courtship". Animal and human courtship is done in 

many different ways. Some male birds, whales and gibbons "sing". Some birds dance or build 

special nests to attract a female. Human males have been very innovative in countless ways 

to attract a mate through courting. 

Human courtship usually starts as flirting and dating. This courting ritual normally 

involves joint activities to close the physical and emotional distance, so two people can 

become one loving couple. How this courting is done varies widely throughout cultures and 

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Why Men and Women Are Different (Surprise!)
Women generally have a drive to get the same good physical sexual feelings that men want. 

However, before birth control methods, women had to prepare more than men for sex because 

of the huge job of possible pregnancy and raising the offspring. Therefore historically 

women have handled getting sex differently than men. 

Throughout history, women with the most success in raising healthy and intelligent 

offspring selected a good mate who helped in all aspects of family building over the long 

term. In the long run, this careful selection process has been good for the species. A 

woman's wise choice of a mate who sticks around and helps raise the babies gives the best 

chance to produce healthy offspring that survive. 

On the other hand, single men generally have little investment and risk in spontaneous sex. 

They can come and go without further commitments. This is very different from the woman's 

standpoint! Men are driven by millions of years of their ancestors' genes compelling them 

to breed frequently and with numerous women in order to have the best chance for offspring 

bearing their genes. Here lies the big difference between men and women.
Secret #2: 
Women have a strong drive for seeking a QUALITY RELATIONSHIP with one man who will stick 

around and take care of her and the kids after sex. This comes from ancient female 

ancestors' most successful strategy for producing offspring. 

Men want QUANTITY: lots of sex and with lots of women! Men's ancient ancestors developed 

endurance and went for high amounts of sex as their most successful strategy for producing 


In spite of all the social, cultural, and religious obstacles for humans to get sex in only 

an approved way today, couples are somehow joining and making babies. Fortunately, powerful 

hormones evolved in humans to drive them through the difficult obstacles in order to come 

together as a loving couple and produce offspring -- often even in unapproved ways. That 

natural drive is what keeps the human species thriving on this planet.

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