A short video on the often misquoted figures by Albert H Mehrabian on the importance of body language in our overall communications with other human beings.


These figures refer more to the emotional content, attitudes, feelings, when the words and body language doesn't match we tend to believe the body more often than the words.

Great little video so simple but puts it into perspective.

Don't get me wrong body language is still extremely important because if 55% of a persons attitudes, feelings and emoitonal states are being exhibited through their body signals then it still means you're understanding them much more than if you justlisten to the words.

Think about talking in an email, just words no sounds, no emotional content.

Then think about on the telephone you still gets the words but you also hear the person's tone fo voice.

Now think about interacting face to face, you get the words in their tone of voice and you see the facial expressions, hand movements, posture and everything else.

Which gives you a clearer idea of how someone feels about anything?

Chances are you've answered the last one, if so then it would indicate that face to face, body language accounts for more than words alone or words with tone of voice but only when you have all three mediums.