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Body Language - Newsletter
Subject: Body Language - Newsletter
Send date: 2011-10-29 18:11:09
Issue #: 1
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Non Verbal Intelligence or of you prefer body language is becoming more and more recognised as a soft skill in demand.

These are just a few of the headlines from around the world where body language is referenced in some way.

It shows just how much people are now watching exactly how we present ourselves in all sorts of situations from business and personal to celebrity and political.

President Obama, Congress, and the Body Language of Negotiation

Who is lying to you? - Financial Post

Business-World Body Language Basics - Looking Fit

Touch-screen technology or personal touch? Financial Times

How to Connect Powerfully With People Using Body Language - Forbes

DMK stages walkout over 'body language' remark in TN Assembly - The Hindu

Body Language Signs to Let Him Known You're Interested -

Spruce up body language for success in business meetings - Business Daily Africa

As you can see it's everywhere so now more than ever it is in your interest to learn and understand the emotional clues and signals people send you day in day out.

Hello again, I know it's been an age since my last email but with good reason.

I've been extremely busy writing a brand new book "Why What You Don't Say Matters at Work" available for Pre Order now on Amazon otherwise it launches January 2012, so not long to wait.

In fact, I got back the final proofs last Friday and now have to check them all before it goes to print.

On top of that I've decided it was time to run another open public seminar, which will be the first one I've run in more than two years!

Secrets of Master Communicators -  CLICK HERE

These weekend's are rare and fun, (see testimonials) because most of my work is with the media, corporate clients and private individuals,

If you've ever wanted to learn all about body language now is the time to do so, as I don't know when I will run another because next year is going to be a busy one (hopefully) what with the book coming out.

If you can't make this course for whatever reason don't forget you can always buy the DVDs or the download version of a previous seminar here CLICK HERE

On another note, Nicolas Fradet is a professional poker player who purchased the DVDs of my course to help him win when playing poker. Well Nicolas has now released his own course on body language.

Watch his video CLICK HERE

BTW: If you want to know what he said about my DVD course (also available as download) it's below./

  • "Robert Phipps's - Secrets of Master Communicators - was the first DVD course I ever purchased when I started out playing poker professionally. He introduced me to many of the concepts and techniques I now use every day when I play, but also in my business life when I meet a new client or when I speak in public. There is no doubt that Robert's course changed my life and the way I do business, and I recommend it to anyone that wishes to understand body language and nonverbal communication"

That's it for now, I promise to keep you more informed in future with big things planned for next year