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Secrets of Master Communicators 10 DVD set
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Secrets of Master Communicators 10 DVD set

Price per Unit (piece): £79.95 (including 17.5 % tax)

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Have you ever wanted to know how some of the world's best communicators managed to be so persuasive?

If you answered YES to the above question then this Unique 10 DVD set is just what you need.

For Just £79.95 including FREE anywhere in the World !!!

This is a unique chance to own a VERY RARE set packed with TEN DVD's recorded at a live two day seminar. You will learn the framework for understanding body language and putting it to work for you whether you're a complete beginner looking for the basics or the more experienced who is seeking the EXTRA material you CANNOT learn from a book ! Nothing edited out, EVERYTHING left in, the whole TWO DAYS, Absolutely everything you need to know about NON VERBAL COMMUNICATION.

Improve the Results in Every Area of Your Life by Understanding People Better. Understand How People Show You What They're Thinking and When. Learn The Connection Between The Mind and the Body to Build Rapport. Once You Have Rapport, You Can Improve.

Get Taken Seriously at Interviews and Meetings. Get Your Point Across Positively. Boost You Sales & Profits. Create Instant Rapport & Trust. Learn How To Trigger Positive Emotions Anytime You Want. Improve Your Relationships With Friends, Family, Work Colleagues, Even Your Boss! Know When Someone Is Lying. Become More Confident and Assertive.
Understand Why People Do What They Do. Take Control Of Situations That Normally Phase You.


"These DVDS are information packed, day one alone teaches you so much more than any other source on the subject. The information Phipps teaches is the truth and so easy to learn you'll be glad you got these DVDS" - Rowland Anton Barkley.

"These DVDS provide a most authoritative introduction and in depth teaching into a vast subject, helping you to navigate a path past all of the misinformation that has been published on the subject!" - Graham Dyster.

"You need to buy these DVDS you will learn so many useful secrets and learn the truth about body language secrets not just the obvious ones!" - Marion Dobbin.

"Having seen these DVD's I would unreservedly recommend them to anyone in any profession or even for personal use as every human being on the planet can and will benefit from the Body language secrets taught on these DVDS!"- Chris Lee.

"The entire seminar was very professional, well presented and the DVDS will be well worth your investment!" - Jimmi.

The entire event was very well presented by Phipps and I learnt so much about the importance of body language in every day life and also in business. These DVDs will be invaluable training for anyone and everyone! - Kevin Harvey.

"This was an amazing and entertaining weekend and I learnt more than I ever thought possible about Body Language I've read many books in the past and they have been rubbish, Phipps live training was so easy to understand and also revealed that most of the books are full of lies and misinformation. If you want to become a master of body language then you need to get these DVDS." - Linda McLaughlin.

"These DVDS and the information they contain are definitely worth the investment, Phipps has excellent presentation skills and taught us so many valuable secrets and techniques over the weekend." - Maria Clyne.

"The Robert Phipps Body Language Training Weekend was fantastic! You will learn so much that it will make you one heck of a therapist, whilst also giving you many valuable tools for use in everyday life! I would unreservedly recommend these DVDs to anyone!" - Marilyn Witt.

"The was a great seminar, Phipps training gave me a very good understanding of Body Language, watch these DVDS and you will learn the truth about how to read others with ease!" - Dale Underwood

The Secrets Of Body Language Which Have Made His Services Hugely In Demand By The Worlds Media, Leading Celebrities and Blue Chip Corporations Can ONLY Be Found On These DVD's.


Just Take A Look At His Client List:
ABC, BBC, CNN, GMTV, ITN, Sky News, Reuters, Associated Press, Plus Numerous Others High Profile Television & Radio Shows, Countless Media Publications on a Truly International Basis, Good Morning America, Nightline, Glenn Beck Show!


BONUS Gift #1 The Actual Power Point Presentation Used Over The Two Days £97 Value.

BONUS Gift #2 Motivator Software Personal Development Tool £47 Value.

BONUS Gift #3 A Whole Host Of E-books On Body Language and Hypnosis - The Connection, Black Ops CIA Persuasion Techniques, NLP And Hypnosis, Plus Much More Value £200 Absolutely FREE !


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