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"Hi Robert. Thanx for the email, things have been good since I saw you. The first day back to work was a bit testing but once I got there I was fine and have been ever since. So thank you very much for what you did for me. I think you'll be seeing my sister soon so hopefully you can do as well for her as you've done for me. - LEO"
Weight Control
“Hi thought it was about time I contacted you, sorry for the delay in doing so. May I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help. Since my visit to you, I have in fact lost about a stone in weight, which is fantastic!!! - Pauline”
Dental Phobia
"My name is Rosalyn Sharland and I had suffered from a deep dental phobia most of my life. Even after seeking help from my GP I still felt unable to receive dental treatment. I reached desperation when my first grandchild was born,I felt unable to smile in any photos.It was a big dent to my self confidence,I decided to try alternative therapy. I was introduced to Rob through a friend,I found him to be instantly calming.I had hypnotheropy the day before my first dental appointment. I found it very enlightening, I felt a new confidence. My appointment was a great success and dental work has begun, which will result in me having a beautiful set of teeth, just in time for my grandchild's first birthday.I couldn't be happier. Rob is a good man with a great gift.I would never of overcome my phobia with out his help. - Ros"
Anxiety Attacks
“Just want to thank you for what you have done for Lauren so far, she has not had an anxiety attack since she saw you Wednesday 4th, 2 weeks ago! It had become a daily problem. I can't say I even begin to understand what you did, but it has certainly helped immensely. You have achieved more in 1 hour than all the other 'experts' we have seen in the usual medical fields have achieved in the 8 years that we have been struggling with this problem! My GP is amazed too! Thanks again - Sarah”
"Knowing the limitations of treatment within standard medicine I turned to hypnotherapy for help with my problems. I have seen Robert Phipps on several occasions for personal problems and for a fear of water stopping me swimming and I have found enormous benefits for both problems following therapy. I found Robert very professional but in a way that makes talking easy. I would highly recommend anyone interested in hypnotherapy to consult Robert..and indeed one of my family already has. Dr Carole Livesey"
Clinical Depression
“Good Morning Robert. I understand that my wife Jill has spoken to you recently following her session with you. I am going to say that both myself and our children are very grateful to you for helping her in that we were fast running out of ideas and did despair for the future. I am going to tell you what Jill has written for me to say to you and it explains how we all feel. I truly hope this is the end of her blackness and the start of the rest of her life. After suffering from severe clinical depression for 25 years… I am truly amazed. There are no words to really express our thanks to you Robert, I consider what you have done for Jill to be nothing short of wondrous and believe me I know. I would consider it a real honour if you would allow us to keep in contact with you in the future. Very Best Wishes. Neville Brooker”
Clinical Depression
"Firstly I would like to thank you for what you have done for me. It is hard to say this but I actually do not think I have a problem with depression now. Some days I feel fed up, but that is not depression. Some times I cry, but again that is not depression. It actually feels ok to have these feelings and even feel better after a good cry sometimes instead of depressed. I am now able to look forward to things, plan things, and even have my own ideas, I now find so much pleasure in the smallest of things. I look at things totally differently now.

I am much more positive than I ever hoped I could be things are no longer black or white…. I see colour in all things. I now am beginning a normal life after 25 years of depression and it is brilliant. This after only one visit to you. I am now able to go out and socialize, enjoy other peoples company again and feel confident. After 25 years of depression I thought that was my lot in life but that has now changed and my life is once again my own again. Jill Brooker"
“Hi Robert - Yep am good if not a little "stunned", blown me out the water! Would you say you "re-circuit" the negative patterns people hold with your techniques? I am amazed how change can happen so quickly when I spent all of last year studying all aspects of hypnotherapy. Thanks for the session. Julie"
Fear of Injections
“Hello Robert - It was good to meet you last week. Thought you'd like to hear that Lily's injection went really well this evening ... she was much more relaxed than usual and she didn't experience any nausea or sickness. Lily started with the EFT technique - we did this twice together. Then, on my instruction of "purple kangaroo" and ear pull she shut her eyes and went to her special place - I checked with her that she was there before using the freeze spray and doing the injection. It was fine, and afterwards she said she was thinking of the slush puppy drink and it didn't hurt - she rated it "1" on the 1-10 scale!! I'm very proud of Lily. Is there anything we should be doing to maximise the chances of success with future injections? Thank you so much for your help. Nessa Neame”
Panic Attacks
“Hi Robert - Just to let you know that I went to the concert on Friday and it was FAB! I was very edgy before I went and then we got stuck in traffic on the M25 which would normally send me into a panic but it didnt. Then we stood outside the ground with the crowds and had a drink - the wine went straight to my head!! It was fine going in cos it was staggered, so not too much of a crush and then we had really good seats. Everywhere was full around us but still I didnt panic. I even stayed right till the very end - I would normally ask to leave just as the encore started - just in case - but I stayed for the very last note! It has boosted my confidence no end. Regards Marie Emery”
Weight Control
“Hi Robert, I've lost 21lb so far! Only 7 to go now, its has been my best experience of losing weight. Not once have I even felt like I was on a diet, it has completely changed my thoughts on food. We went to friends the other night for an indian takeaway and I thought well I've been good so I'll treat myself to my usual creamy sauce pasanda with naan bread but when it came to ordering I just couldn't do it and just had chicken tikka instead, no sauce, no bread and I didnt even feel like I'd deprived myself! I have recommeded you to all my friends, two of which have already been to see you. I honestly can't thank you enough. Regards Sam”