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Instead of breaking habits we use hypnosis to change your habits for better alternatives.

Dictionary definitions...
Habit n. - a practice that is hard to give up.
Habits are usually just a form of negative learning.

Plate of CookiesThere are many common habits that hypnotherapists get asked to help with and the majority of them respond well to hypnotherapy. The following list is just a sample of some of the habits that I have been asked about:-

  • Stopping/reducing smoking
  • Over eating
  • Physical excercise/laziness
  • Alcohol
  • Nail biting
  • Obsessive cleansing
  • Breaking routines
  • Addiction to computer gaming

Gambling away too much money?The most important factor in achieving the desired result is that the client genuinely wants to break the habit, not their partner or parent.

An example of this is where a client makes an appointment to give up smoking, during their consultation it becomes known that the only reason they want to stop smoking is to make their partner happy. The downside of this is that the client has no personal desire to give up and therefore it is likely that the therapy will not be as successful as expected.


lients who really do wish to break a habit are generally successful in achieving their set goal and maintaining it with no problems when they receive hypnotherapy.