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Tropical BeachToo many people think that hypnosis is just used to repair or improve those who have a dysfunction or negative trait or habit - This is wrong! Hypnosis can be used for simple recreation. Imagine being able to trip out without using drugs; or relaxing on a tropical beach so real that you could actually be there. This all possible with hypnosis.

Under hypnosis your subconscious mind will accept all sorts of suggestions as being real. We have all seen stage shows where the hypnotist tells the hypnotee that they are in a desert with the sun beating down, and then we see them starting to perspire profusely. The next minute they are being told they have been whisked away to the North Pole and we see them shivering and changing colour.

Relaxing MassageThe subconscious is so powerful that it would be simple to drink a glass of water and yet have the subconscious believe that it was double strength vodka. Then watch the antics as the hypnotee becomes drunk.

Many people go to see a masseuse on a regular basis in order to remove the tension from their body. Under hypnosis you can achieve the same results but also remove the tension and blocks from your mind. So why not consider the longer term approach and relax both your mind and body for just the one fee.