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By reviewing habits and techniques you can speed up learning.
Dictionary definitions...
Accelerate v. - happen or reach completion more quickly.
What is accelerated learning?
Remove bad golf habits to improve your handicapWhen we learn something we store the process in our memory and it is that memory which we use when we need to recall the process or data. For example a telephone number, if it is important we tend to store it away in our long term memory, if it was just for a one off call we place it in our short term memory. With our long term memory we usually have good recall, but this is not so with the short term memory.

Improve your memory and reduce exam nervesBy using hypnotherapy we can remove old habits to help improve performance. It is also possible to then add the suggestions that actually speed up your activities, which when added to the improved recall, provides accelerated learning.

Use of these techniques have the added advantage of helping to reduce the nerves and anxieties that go with examinations. This includes school / college exams, driving test, interviews and any other form of evaluation.