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Past life regression is an area which is very appealing to some clients.
Dictionary definitions...
Regression n. - a backward movement especially a return to a former state.
What is past life regression?

Yesterdays PeopleThere are many religions and beliefs across the globe, some of whose followers fully believe in reincarnation. By this I am referring to the belief that when a person dies they are reborn into the world, a bit like the laws of physics which state that energy is not destroyed it just becomes transferred.

Some people have very strong feelings that they existed before in some form of previous life and by using hypnotherapy they can be taken back in time to investigate further.

I have spoken with colleagues who have helped clients allay fears or concerns with their present circumstances by using past life regression to see if there was any form of trigger that had been carried from one life to the next. An example given to me was that of business man who had forebodings about being 'stabbed in the back'. This was proving to be stressful for him and past life regression highlighted that he had been a roman centurion who died by being physically stabbed in the back. Upon learning this the businessman found that his present day fears had been eliminated.

Good questioning and recording of the session will provide a lot of data for the client to research and see just how much really fits with the known recorded history.

The Return of Yesterday's People is a book about Past Life Regression and can be purchased from Capall Bann Publishing.