Rosalyn Print

"Rob is a good man with a great gift.I would never of overcome my phobia with out his help."

My name is Rosalyn Sharland, I had suffered from a deep dental phobia most of my life. Even after seeking help from my G.P. I still felt unable to receive dental treatment. I reached desperation when my first grandchild was born,I felt unable to smile in any photos. It was a big dent to my self confidence; I decided to try alternative therapy . I was introduced to Rob through a friend and I found him to be instantly calming. I had hypnotheropy the day before my first dental appointment. I found it very enlightening, I felt a new confidence. My appointment was a great success and dental work has begun, which will result in me having a beautiful set of teeth, just in time for my grandchild's first birthday. I couldn't be happier.