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Hi Robert Ben didn't talk much on the journey home but he said he thought you were 'OK and that he was pleased to have been to see you. He was intrigued by the hypnosis and his inability to move his hand from his leg. He has kept up with the eft technique since he has been at his Dad's, he is due to come camping with me next week so we shall see how things go. From Ben's tone of voice and general demeanour it was obviously more beneficial than other counselling he has had. Many thanks for seeing us and I will update you with his progress. Kind regards Amanda


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"I've lost 21lb so far! Only 7 to go now, its has been my best experience of losing weight."

Hi Robert,

I've lost 21lb so far! only 7 to go now, its has been my best experience of losing weight.

Not once have i even felt like i was on a diet, it has completely changed my thoughts on food.

We went to friends the other night for an indian takeaway and i thought well ive been good so i'll treat myself to my usual creamy sauce pasanda with naan bread but when it came to ordering i just couldn't do it and just had chicken tikka instead no sauce no bread and i didnt even feel like i'd deprived myself!

I have recommeded you to all my friends, two of which have already been to see you.

I honestly can't thank you enough.

Regards Sam