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"Since my visit to you, I have in fact lost about a stone in weight, which is fantastic!!!"



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Talking (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

Put simply NLP is a set of communications tools that enables an individual to re-program old unwanted habits, fears, phobias etc, into new more positive actions.

It can also be extremely effective in communicating with others in such a way that your words have more power, more impact, they hit home at a deeper level enabling communication with their unconscious mind, positively influencing peoples responses to you and what you have to say.

Who Can Benefit?

Virtually everyone can benefit from the above therapies - but people respond in different ways so the skill is to use an approach that suits the individual.

It is important that any concerns that a client may have are dealt with so that they can develop a trust in the therapist and enjoy the process.

Robert is a Registered Practitioner with the General Hypnotherapy Register, one of the worlds leading bodies in the drive to bring about national standards of training and regulation, committed to their Code of Ethics.