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Hi Robert Ben didn't talk much on the journey home but he said he thought you were 'OK and that he was pleased to have been to see you. He was intrigued by the hypnosis and his inability to move his hand from his leg. He has kept up with the eft technique since he has been at his Dad's, he is due to come camping with me next week so we shall see how things go. From Ben's tone of voice and general demeanour it was obviously more beneficial than other counselling he has had. Many thanks for seeing us and I will update you with his progress. Kind regards Amanda


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"After suffering from severe clinical depression for 25 years… I am truly amazed."

Good Morning Robert,

I understand that my wife Jill has spoken to you recently following her session with you.

I am going to say the both myself and our children are very grateful to you for helping her In that we were fast running out of ideas and did despair for the future.

I am going to tell you what Jill has written for me to say to you and it explains how we all feel. I truly hope this is the end of her blackness and the start of the rest of her life.

After suffering from severe clinical depression for 25 years… I am truly amazed.

There are no words to really express our thanks to you Robert, I consider what you have done for Jill to be nothing short of wondrous and believe me I know.

I would consider it a real honour if you would allow us to keep in contact with you in the future.

Very Best Wishes.

Neville Brooker